The camera jumped to a shot of an opened valley. The leaves swayed as a group of of players rushed into the opening. The group stood 14 strong; each of the members boasted heavy armor and weapons. ‘Something seemed off’ save though, looking closely at the screen. They appeared wounded, and even their weapons were scarred from battle. They suddenly panicked as the nearby trees shook. An audible crack sounded as the group hunkered behind a hill. There was something large approaching.

Wood splintered; a tree branch flew out of the darkened canopy at the group. A man quickly raised his rocket launcher; he blasted the limb apart as it hurdled towards them. Shards of wood and metal splintered off, raining down among them. Some of the players were cut by the falling shrapnel.

“What were you thinking!? Save your ammunition for the target!” The largest one yelled out in a commanding tone; he pointed into the shadows. Some engineers nodded, quickly sat down ‘satellite dishes’ before them. A flash flickered from them as a frontal-barrier formed. Another branch flew from the shadows, shattering on the wall of energy.

“Fire” he yelled. A rain of explosives followed as rockets flew, and various cannons lit the darkness of the forest. The trees stood strong, nothing stirred from within the darkness; a faint crunching sounded from deep within.

“Burn it to the ground” he commanded. Two engineers pulled away from newly constructed cannons; their barrels glowed brightly. The Cannons hissed; releasing a massive ray of heat into the forest. Leaves singed as the blasts shot through; burning away what organic matter it could. Something large moved in the quickly fading light; It was struck to the side. Organic metal armor deflected the heat. Bright eyes flashed as it quickly scuttled forward; jumping out of the darkness of the wood.

It gripped a branch in it’s massive palps; rending a larger, weakened branch from the trees. It shifted on it’s eight long limbs, tossing the massive piece of woods up high. The group continued to shoot at it’s spider-like body; the shots were reflected off the blue-tinted metal plating. The engineers scattered away from the cannons as the branch landed, crushing them under it’s weight. The group panicked; they bunkered behind the shield. The spider tilted to the side, thinking, planning.

It ,suddenly, moved lower down the tree. It stopped as it found a weakened area; pushing on the area with great force. The sound of cracking metal came too late, the entire upper half of the massive tree broke free, heading towards the camera and the group. The Shields shattered on impact; the ground shook and the people fled. The spider leapt down to hunt.

The camera changed views to another part of the field. Save blinked; surprised at the intelligence and power the animal displayed. “Definitely not a mini-boss” she jested.

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