“Welcome to Live Wire, the show that brings you up-to-date on the newest social trends, media news and technology. I am your host, Peter Bright” the host proclaimed. He sat down at a glass desk. “Tonight, I am pleased to interview Josh Egen, an acclaimed programmer and the author of the new book called ‘The Tech That Stole Our Souls’.” A older gentlemen walked into the frame, sitting down on a couch beside the desk. He smiled to the host; offering a simple hello in reply. The host nodded, taking a quick glance at a monitor before him.

“Thank you for appearing, it has been some time since your last interview; If I remember it was 10 years ago on this show.” Josh nodded in reply.

“Yes. That was when I worked on the development team for Province, I was assigned with setting up the components of the Brain Computer Interface” he said. “It was my specialty, especially since my parent company, had brought out the development team.”

“I see. You speak so highly of the project; why does your book speak so negatively of it?” The host waited for a reply, sizing up josh with a quick glance. Josh took a deep breath.

“When I developed the project, the main goal, as I knew it, was to create a creative experience for each and every person. The BCI allowed so much more to be done, so many games and experiences could be had, and then came the limitations. The implants were too expensive, only those in first world countries, could get them. The various media companies enforced rules limiting what users could create; all in an attempt to protect against ‘piracy’. Even the files that were allowed had to be scanned, and verified each time. That was, unless you were reliable enough to ‘be trusted’. There are even more violations to report; more than can be published.” The host nodded reluctantly.

“Those are all good points. But, don’t you think that in this case, think that the company has to do what is necessary to protect the users from dangerous data, and protect their own intellectual property? The implants cost money to make – and there are many more uses for the technology. Like, allowing families to speak to those in comas, or preserving the memories of the dead. It helps everyone involved.” Josh raised a hand; Peter stopped talking.

“The implants used to be expensive; now, we can print them at a low price. There is no excuse for it. And, the medical options to have your mind uploaded are still being fought for legally. Something YOUR parent company, refuses to get involved with.” Peter glanced over to his display and feigned a smile.

“Well Josh, this is quite a interesting topic. But, we need to go to break” he said. The show cut to commercials.

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