Save smiled as she looked out the tram. It was quite the view, one of the best in the game; at least in her opinion. The metallic colored leaves rustled in the wind. It sounded almost like a wind instrument, especially when combined with the various animal calls. A bird darted up in the air from a nearby tree. She watched it in silence; the large bird’s red, blue and purple feathered wings flapped gracefully as it soared for prey. It quickly disappeared among the treetops, homing in on some unseen target.

“I love this view” she said, taking ‘screen-shots’ of the surrounding areas. The application closed suddenly as a message popped up; ‘While you are on the tram, watch out for encampments. CataClysm has returned; and incited a small scale war. We need to know the layout.’

She glanced down at the forest again; it looked the same. The nearby ravines, the rivers, the valleys, and the flatlands; all of it looked normal. The only real thing to note was a slightly larger presence of people in some areas. They specifically remained around the entry points; almost as if they were guarding them. She took a scan of the visible players; most of them had matching clan tags.

The Tram passed a heavily forested area near the ruins. She saw a group of players; and the scan revealed they were with CataClysm. They disappeared in the dark foliage as quickly as she saw them. “That’s not good – We definitely need to plan out a different route. But, where?” She looked around and grinned; quickly pointing to a older pathway. The trees barely covered up the stone archways that covered the path; it was in disrepair, but was still usable. “Thats it. The old Quest Trail – no one would risk fighting the A.I.s and broken environment before a ranked battle. Plus, it has a secret entrance to the inner core of the ruins.” She saved the map location; sending it directly to Shift.

The Metal forest Sanctuary was in sight now; she could make out the metallic, window-covered dome from miles. The central pillar shone brightly, flashing as it received information from the surrounding zone. Coming closer, she saw the many stories hidden inside the dome; It was a small town in it’s own right, coming no-where close to the Hub, but still towering over the nearby trees. The tram entered the structure through a small gate, disappearing inside the building.

“Now, where was I suppose to meet him at?” Save grinned nervously as she stood at the loading bay. She glanced down a hall. Something caught her eye in another room; they were broadcasting a battle from earlier in the day. Curiosity got the best of her as she approached; the area was packed and she could barely find space to stand.

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