“Metal Forest huh, who would have thought that she would get such a job. And so deep at that – I wouldn’t trust her with such a task.” He looked over a large block of data with a puzzled expression. The pen he held glowed a vibrant blue; it was set to data manipulation. “Save is not the most combative of people. Obviously, she does not stand a chance there, especially with the well-armed fighters in the area. I could help – possibly test a new tool design on the players.” He rubbed his chin in thought.

“Sounds fun, I guess. I just hope something comes out of this – especially after last time. Her find almost cost me my entire library. Stupid viruses. Eh – What else is there to do” he grumbled. He pushed against his worktable; it vanished into blocks of data. He slid his hand to the side; a display appeared. It read:

Proxy system active
Time: 4:30 pm
Zone: Offline Sancutary
Ping: 30 ms
BCI Input: 100%
Ram: 20%
Cpu: 40%

“Looks good so far. I just wish I had a faster computer” Shift jested; closing the screen as rapidly as he opened it.

“Open closet” he commanded. Objects faded rapidly, shifting and contorting into nearby walls. The once large chamber, reformed into a small room, with many holographic displays and reflective walls. He tapped a display idly, scrolling past various 3D character models. “Robot – no, Active wear – no, Hunter – no, Model – no, Businessman – Well, this is boring.” With a quick glance at the list, he selected the option ‘recently used’; there was only one skin available. His smooth, wire-frame body reformed and textures covered it. He glanced as his reflection, studying it with a grin.

The metal bands on his black jacket gleamed in the light; his indigo colored shirt and black pants looked new. He tilted his neck to the side and heard a metallic crack from his cybernetics. He flexed his arms; the same crack followed. He tied a bandanna around the crown of his head, it covered his pale forehead and short blondish-brown hair. With a kick to the floor, he tested the collision of his shoe against the metal. “No resistance – the joints move properly, and Senses are active” He nodded and looked towards a display with luminous indigo eyes; it read ‘85% synchronization’.

He flicked the display with a rapid motion; selecting another screen with a swift downward stroke. “Off to the Metal Forest we go!” He grinned wildly as he selected a location on the map. The world around him started to reform. A bar read ‘ Loading Metal Forest Sanctuary’.

He took a deep breath, letting the world reform around him.

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