Save dashed into the group, leaping at them with great force. She came down swiftly; a wire-frame baton in hand. She swung; her target’s body went limp. She struck him on top of the head. “Two down – “ she said, looking over to Shift.

“Three down” Shift retorted, firing at a man behind Save. He hit the ground with a thud, having been shot through the head. Save grinned in return; throwing her baton at Shift. He ducked down, glancing back to see a gun hit the ground. The baton struck another man in the arm. He took a shot; the bullet ripped through the man’s chest.

“It seems this route might be a dangerous one after all, especially with the last two lurking about. Who knows how skilled they were” Shift jested. He idly took a glance at his pistol; the shiny silver texture of it had loaded mid-combat.

“Really! How skilled could they be if they ran off? Besides, they take shots at people just for passing through. If that is not a sign of their skill, I do not know what is” Save decried. Shift shrugged, turning towards the enemy leader, who was still where Save left him. The man looked horrible; his back was injured, and his face was cut open and bruised by the impact of the punch. Save walked closer to him, picking up his shotgun from beside him. She glanced over it with a smirk.

“So, what was that about victory? Did your equipment help you win – or, are you ready to admit defeat?” The man glanced back up, staring at them with a scowl on his face. Save glanced back, her purple hued gaze sharply focused on his expression; she grinned. “Thanks for the warm-up. Word of advice tho – respect the other players, that is, unless you like losing.” The man looked away in silence.

Shift shook his head, and started down the path. “ Come on – we have bigger fish to fry. His friends are around here, and I doubt we have slipped under CataClysm’s radar after this little show.” Save sighed in compliance, tossing the weapon back at the man.

“On my way” she said, quickly following Shift down the trail.

“Stupid little punks – just wait till I get to them” he muttered, weakly leaning against a tree. He reached for his shotgun. A low-frequency static came from the forest behind him; he turned to look. A pair of red eyes glowed in the darkness. They were coming closer.

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