“Your job will be a basic retrieval mission inside the ruins deep below the Metal Forest. Collect the data and leave, you will be paid accordingly based on what you find.” The A.I. said, moving through the crowd with ease. She had a natural grace, which made Save slightly envious. It would be a great skill to have, especially when running through the tougher environments. Save increased her pace and followed; her mind wandered. She wondered just what kind of data the woman wanted. There was all kinds; it could be as simple as a well-programmed bug, corrupted data, or a self-evolving program. They all were worth something to someone.

“What else do I need to know, is there any threats I need to know about?” The A.I stopped suddenly in thought, and turned to answer the question. Save blinked, wondering why an A.I would be programmed with such human mannerisms. It was quite surprising; either her mistress was a brilliant coder, or this was no A.I.

“There are no threats in the area, other than the wildlife, which I am sure you have come upon before. Records show no concerning information, other than the timing of the data’s appearance, and the necessity of being in combat mode. My mistress timed it to 6:76 p.m., when the daily battles are most active. With so many people watching, you will need to get in and out.” The A.I. paused, looking to Save, who was checking the received packet. “Do you see any problems?”

“During the clan battles? It would take a army to – .” Save paused. She smiled suddenly; an idea popped into her head. She was not alone, or, at least she didn’t think she was. “Nevermind! I got this. I got just the person to help. That is – if he is online.” Save laughed nervously; the A.I. raised a brow.

“The mistress would be glad to hear that. She wanted direct delivery as soon as you receive it, in its raw, untampered format. Any sign of tampering or copying the data will lower its profit – and your pay” the A.I. warned. Save nodded.

“Understood, I would not want to upload some potentially corrupted data anyway. Your ‘mistress’ can do that.” Save froze; she noticed a micro-expression, a scowl hidden within the A.I.’s cheery smile. She laughed nervously, “well, thanks for the information. I will meet you at the designated location when I have it.”

“Very good. Enjoy your trip on the tram and good hunting. My mistress expects results.” The A.I. turned to leave, moving into the crowd of people.

“Wait – how did she know I take the tram,” she decried, turning towards the A.I.. She rubbed the back of her head; the servant was gone, in less than a second. “Never mind, I need to see Timbre. Hopefully, he knows where Shift is.”

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