“So, Shift. What do you think that we need for this little hunt?” Save looked at the various stalls of the market place; it was not very appealing. The scams were apparent, with almost every stand selling a cheaply re-skinned item. Shift shook his head in dismay.

“Nothing from this area – other than intelligence from some of the merchants. Although, we could pay for some extra server usage tho, It would increase our connection speed.” Shift said sarcastically. Save shook her head in reply.

“I have never use it; my computer is fast enough already. I know your’s is too, you mentioned how powerful it is a million times.” He feigned a gasp and pointed to a monitor; It showed a guy gunning down group of players. His reaction speed was far quicker than the others, sped up by the main server.

“Our computers and connections are fast. But, his connection is helped along by the main server! We are so doomed if he gets to us!” Shift laughed. Save remained silent; she hated the pay-to-play systems in province.

“So, we have nothing to get then. Unless you want to buy more schematics, or something like that. Maybe someone with inside knowledge is selling a updated map.” Save shrugged; it was a better idea than a speed increase.

Shift stopped suddenly, looking at a man who waited in front of him. The man smiled warmly and pointed to a nearby booth. The holographic displays showed various weapons; some pistols, a rifle and a laser gun being predominate. “Hello there, I managed to overhear your conversation. You are looking for an edge in today’s match right? Well, I got just the weapon for you”, he exclaimed.

Shift grinned; walking over to the display. He opened up a screen, scanning the displayed objects with a quick flash; information quickly appeared across the screen. The merchant blinked; looking on in slight shock. “Lets see here. These weapon were made by, ohh, ProxI. No wonder they looked like knock-offs. I mean, the only big difference here is – you changed the paint jobs. Quite original!” Shift grinned; waving the man goodbye as he passed. “Thank you for letting me look at your items. Have a great day” shift jested.

Save followed, looking back to the stunned merchant. “Sorry about that – good work on the paint, tho” she said, before turning to Shift. “Shift – wait up, before you cause anymore trouble!”

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