“Welcome back audience! We’re here with Josh Egen, the acclaimed programmer that developed most of the BCI technology used by Province. Now Josh, to get back to the point, can you tell us more about your book?” Josh nodded, smiling half-heartily at the request.

“It covers many topics about the technology. One chapter covers the medical advances made by, YOUR parent group, Eclipse Technologies. The BCI units they produce are highly advanced, offering every day people, disabled or not, the chance to play, or live their lives as they will. It is becoming more widely available as well, and the prices are lowering.” Josh took a deep breath, taking his time with his speech.

“That is good news, for a moment there I was worried. You made it sound like you disapproved of everything you started. So, what is your opinion of the current direction of the technology and the evolution of Province.” The host gave a mock smile. Josh placed his hand on the couch’s arm rest and nodded.

“It is a good step in the right direction; where my project brought computer operating systems closer to humanity, this current generation can go so much further. It can translate every thought fluidly, and be used to control advance machines, like the new artificial bodies being developed; it is far beyond what my technology made possible. One day, it might lead to a complete revolution in how we see ourselves, and how we interact with the world. It could change a lot, and even free us from the confines of earth. Province is a great testing ground for these ideas!” Peter nodded.

“Sounds like quite the dream. Do you think that people today can achieve such a thing? Looking from online statics, people seem to be be more focused on the their favorite celebrities, or living in a dream world. Being the father of the system, do you feel concerned about this development?” Josh glanced over at Peter with a look of disgust.

“No! Not at all! I created a system where people can dream and create; playing and enjoying life does not hinder the survival of a species. It makes them stronger, it gives them hope. The only thing that can destroy progress is greed and lust for power, some corporations are obsessed with it; they build a sense of normality that hinge on their products, or build walls to prevent growth in a certain direction. This is why I cut ties with Eclipse years ago. I got tired of the games.” Peter feigned a smile; he glanced over a screen for information.

“I see. Well Josh, it was a pleasure speaking with you. I am sure your book will be a best seller, Good luck out there.” Peter said dryly.

“My Pleasure, and thank you” Josh casually replied.

“It is time for another commercial break. But, when we return, we will interview the current head of BCI technology at Eclipse Technology” Peter said; he was cut off by a commercial.

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