“Shift – what are you doing here” Save asked. He stood in the doorway, looking as if he had run a marathon. He glanced up to Save and raised a hand.

Allure smiled widely, “It looks like your friend arrived a little late Save. He must not know how to read directions” she jested. He glared in return; adjusting his jacket with a frown.

“Excuse me, your stupid A.I. did not give specific directions. ‘That one room at the end of the market’ is not good enough.” He turned towards save and dusted off his outfit. “I see you met Allure. She is one of the best at her job“ Shift said; Allure seemed surprised. “and one of the biggest pains I know” he added.

“I resent that statement – I give what I get. You backed out of a deal, one that would have helped both of us. Save is the only reason I am doing this,” Allure chided. “You still owe me those guns, by the way.”

“I will remind him about it if he forgets”, Save said. She shot a glance at Shift.

“I will get to it” he begrudgingly agreed.

“Thanks for the offer Save, it is appreciated. Besides, your kindness makes up for his laziness.” She smiled genuinely to Save, and moved her hand over to a display. She entered a password and unlocked the package. Various maps filled the table; each one showed a different layer of the zone, including their current location and all the underground paths.

“I found something interesting” she explained; clicking on a button. The channel of the map changed. The ruins were restored, the forest had overgrown and the sanctuary was gone. She did it again; the layout changed again. Save blinked; confused by the discovery.

“What does this mean, is someone developing a series of alternate worlds around us?” Shift said, toying with the map himself. He changed the channels on his own. It looked like everything was randomized. “what is so odd about that? We create our own worlds all the time.”

“No! You are just going back through the channels. It was random each, and every, time.” Save pointed to the bottom numbers that displayed the channel. Shift rubbed the back of his head; She was right. Allure nodded.

“Right. Whatever is causing this phenomenon is here; this data you are looking for – it might just be the cause.” Save nodded, taking one final look at the screen. “I expect to know what happens – and who knows, the drawing might be done then“ Allure said; she sounded excited.

“Who knows what will happen, but we will keep you informed. Thanks for the info Allure.” shift said. He exited the room, closing the door behind him.

“Wish us luck. Well, i’ll talk to you later” she said; following after Shift.

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