Shift glared at the creature as it approached; ‘there was nothing to do’ he thought. His weapons laid on the ground and the pain, it was unbearable. Warning flashed on his screen; it warned of emergency systems kicking in. “Sensory systems shutting down to restore functionally” a computerized voice said. His skin went numb and his sight was reduced to a pixelized blur; and, as his hearing faded, as did the noise. He lowered his hands and glanced over to save. She too, was snapping out of it.

“It seems you listened to me about the safeguards after all –“ he said, grinning as he spawned another set of pistols.

“Yes – I just set mine to a higher threshold. I am not going to give up as easily as you” she jested, reaching for her sledge hammer. She lifted the weapon onto her shoulder. “You can take the last shot” she said, glancing over to the head. It looked at shift and charged ahead.

Shift landed a shot with an explosive round. It spun out of control and hit a tree with a cracking noise. The skull split in half to reveal a tangled mess of roots that were attached to a glowing sphere. Shift approached, taking another shot at the thing. It evaded the bullet and shot past him, heading towards the device.

“Save” he yelled, calling out to save as she swung at the unknown life form. It dodged the hammer, and continued to the device; Save lost her balance. “Stop it” he commanded; taking aim at the creature. The shot was clear, but the spider was in the line of fire if he missed. He hesitated.

It reached the device and grabbed it firmly, tugging hard. It ripped the device from the ground. Shift glared in anger, opening fire as it rose. The rounds hit the trees around it, creating a shower of metal and wood. It disappeared in the chaos. The spider scurried for cover in the darkness of the trees.

“A sledge hammer Save!? Don’t you have anything better?” Shift huffed as he walked over to the thinning cloud of blue particles; they were almost gone. He opened a screen in silence, glaring as he checked for any wireless input from the device. There was nothing. “Okay – I’ve learned that it works, and that something took a interest in it,” he stopped and looked to Save. She was examining her weapon closely.

“Next time we can get it – are you okay” he asked, with some concern. She nodded and glanced to her hammer. The striking edge looked distorted and the handle was bent, it was like the model itself was altered.

“I did hit it, I could have sworn I did. And then, I didn’t – almost like my weapon was warped,” she said. Shift shook his head in disbelief. ‘Could this be what happened to that man’s heat-blade’ he thought.

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