“Do not do anything stupid Save” Shift yelled. He watched as she charged forward; and engaged the monster in close combat. She earned some hit and caused it to stagger; it retorted, slicing her weapons again. She placed a kick to it’s chest, forcing it on it’s back. It swung at her; barely grazing her as she moved near Shift.

“What is this thing,” she breathed. It was, if not, for a few dents at full health. She tossed her batons away; and spawned another set. The spider looked on silently, hiding behind Shift as it waited. Shift glanced back, ‘it was working’ he thought. He could already see that the critical damage was almost fully healed. He turned to Save.

“Try not to do the same thing again. It is learning from your actions, and – I know it sounds odd. But, it is improving upon it.” Save glared at him and looked to the creature. It moved faster now, and seemed to have developed a natural dodging sense. Letting out a hissing nose, it started toward them at a high speed. Save growled and leapt ahead, coming down with the blade of the baton. It snapped on impact with the hard surface of it’s skull.

“Noo –” Save yelped. She felt a sudden impact to her stomach as it elbowed her. She landed some feet away, whining in pain, with some burn marks on her hoodie. It started to approach her, but stopped as Shift fired. It moved an arm to defend itself, but staggered as the round exploded. Bits of metal flew off of it as Shift unloaded.

Save rose weakly and watched. Apparently, Shift had loaded explosive rounds in his second gun. It reeled back in pain, hunching over like a wild animal. It’s jaw opened wide revealing a hollow cavity. The hissing grew louder as it’s internal light source brightened; it shone through some of the cracked armor. ‘There was nothing inside the metal to hit’ she though. She had an idea!

“It is hollow” she exclaimed; shift listened, and his eyes widened. Of course, his normal armor piercing bullets would do nothing, but explosives would destroy the metal. It tensed up, kicking off to a running start towards Shift. She ran after it; leaping as soon as she was close. She gripped the handle of a weapon and swung at the creature’s back, the sledgehammer hit it’s mark. Shift opened fire again, hitting it square in the head. It contorted unnaturally as it’s non-existent spine snapped back from the combined force of the bullet and the sledge.

Save backed up suddenly as it opened it’s mouth to scream; the static return to a ear-splitting level. They dropped their weapons, covering their ears in panic. The now, shattered ‘spine’ and head seemed to lift up on it’s own, leaving the motionless body to collapse on the ground. A trail of tendrils of various lengths hung from the neck; a large glowing orb hung from the thickest. It floated up to head height and looked around; it glanced behind Shift and at the device.

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