“I see. Your device will control the nano-particles more accurately and rewrite them.” Save listened as she pet the spider; it had become relaxed during the short explanation. He started to speak, but stopped; the static returned and was even louder. “I will get to work” Shift said, opening his inventory to retrieve the device; A long tube formed in his hand. He motioned to Save; “keep it busy, will ya’?”

“Sure. I will try to, besides, how bad can it be?” She made her way to the middle of the clearing. The trees obscured her sight, leaving only dark shadows. She peered into the shade; something peered back, with 6 red eyes. She leaped back as it started approaching rapidly. “What has 6 eyes Shift? Bright red one” she stammered. Shift glanced back from the cylinder, which had opened. Shimmering blue particles had amassed around it; and was covering the spider. The particles covered the creatures, and started converting into replacement matter.

“I am not sure. why do you ask –” he questioned, watching as something leaped into the clearing. It looked humanoid; with a very thin appearance and long clawed arms. Metal armor covered it, and a odd hissing came from within it’s chest cavity. A bright light shone from within. Looking inside, Save saw nothing; it looked almost hollow. On it’s back moved two metal tendrils; they reminded her of the man’s heat-blade, except for the visible openings at the tips. She backed up, and looked into it’s featureless, six-eyed face.

“Know what this is” she yelled. She turned to Shift, who had positioned himself in-front of the spider, and his device. He held two guns in defense, his sights aimed at it’s head. It hissed loudly at Save and drug a claw along the ground, the ground started to sizzle at the mere touch. “You are definitely what did this,” she yelled. She started towards the monster; twin batons in hand as she swung.

Her weapons connected, hitting it in the neck with a loud thud. The metal plates clanged as the second blow landed, it reeled to the ground and worked to regain it’s balance. She watched quietly, ‘was that it’ she thought. It charged towards her on all fours, it’s tendrils took a swing at her. She blocked the blows and was pushed back, it was stronger than it looked. She swung the batons towards the ground, extending them to their full length. It glanced at her weapon and hissed; the tendrils started to glow brightly.

“Those are heat blades – “ Shift yelled, taking a shot. Shift followed up, dashing at her target with both weapons; A tendril reacted, cleaving the batons in half. She leapt back, watching as Shift continued to fire. It backed away covering it’s face.

He emptied his weapons, tossing them to the ground with a quick movement. He rapidly spawned another set and resumed his defensive stance. Save scowled as she tossed her weapons. “Things just got serious –“ she muttered; glaring at the beast.

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