He shifted in his seat and relaxed; the music started to quiet as he lowered his tone. “I would like to work with you and help prepare for the hunts. There are more hunts – right?” She nodded in return and raised her hand; a waitress nodded and left the room to get something. “Ordering something” he asked.

“Yes – who wouldn’t. I might enjoy making money, but, hand-designed food is always good. You should know, it is the best people like us can get.” She laughed and glanced around the room. The change of tempo made the club, all the more, serene. “I would be honored to work with you on this project – you are far better at personal interaction than me. Although, there are some rules you need to follow.” Timbre listened; scooting back as a waitress approached with a bottle of clear liquid, and two glasses. “Thank you” Aide said, smiling to the waitress. The waitress nodded and left, “my pleasure” she replied.

“I do not mind sharing my money with you – but, I expect that you would respect our client’s right to privacy. Outside parties cannot be informed of inside information; this includes your friends.” She said pouring a glass; her tone was somber. Timbre frowned at the request; it was, at best, a hard condition to meet.

“I understand your concern. But, I cannot just let someone head out there alone without a clue. Some of the content we send them after can fry entire systems, I would rather warn them first.” He watched her response, catching a slight smirk appear. She handed a glass over to him; he looked it over as he grabbed it.

“I never would have expected you to care so much – But, it is an agreeable condition. Just be careful what you say to them.” Aide raised her own glass and glanced over to him; her glass was raised in a toast. He looked his own drink over and lifted it.

“I could have sworn someone was talking about me? Odd” Save muttered. She looked to Shift, who was in the middle of the clearing near the body. He dug through it and pulled out small tendril fragment. “Whats that” said Save as she approached.

The fragment squirmed as he squeezed it in his fingers, it looked like it was still alive. “Interesting. It is definitely nerve tissue, and it is connected to the main body – but, by what?” Shift’s gaze remained focused on the strand; he placed it in a storage container. Save turned to watch the edge of the clearing; she could see eight sets of eyes in the darkness. She grinned, surprised that the animal was still around.

“Come on you two, we have places to go – Shift, stop playing with corpses,” Save exclaimed. She stepped back onto the path. Shift shrugged and pocketed the canister; he would rather hunt down his device, but it could wait. The Spider followed, hiding in the dense foliage.

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