“Nice idea Save”, Shift said, raising his hands casually to the sky. Save copied him; rolling her eyes as she stood to his left. A group had surrounded them as they spawned in; more were coming.

“Well, Well, Well! What do we have here?” A stocky man said as he approached; his hands firmly grasped a semi-automatic shotgun. Shift glanced it over and smirked; it was a piece of junk.

“So, what is a poorly armed man like you doing guarding this place?” Shift mocked, glancing over the man’s armor. There was nothing of interest; other than its weak design, and the crimson meteor emblazoned on the breastplate. “Oh, I see. Wow, they must have had to pay a lot to get you, huh” he jested. The man grinned.

“More than you can even imagine. I doubt you can even afford the items I brought with the money I received!” The man locked eyes with Shift; he was trying to provoke a reaction. “I almost got a kill with it before, but the fool ran.” Save frowned, she hoped that this man did not try to shoot the guy they met. The thought made her scowl.

“And you – what are you doing out here? This is no tea party girl, you are likely to get hurt.” The man laughing heartily at his joke. She glared at him and her pulse raced; his cocky grin, and his comments, it was enough to drive her to violence.

“Before you do anything, can I ask you a question” Save’s voice was low as she spoke, barely the excited tone that Shift had come to know. Shift tensed up, ready to move when the time was right. The man sneered and lowered his gun, he leaned close to her.

“Does it feel good to shoot at those who cannot defend themselves? What kind of fun is there to that?” She asked. Shift took a deep breath, and counted the people around them. There was a total of 6 of them; and they all were anxious.

“Yes. I get my Victory – that is all that matters!” The man let with a loud laugh.

“Wrong choice” She muttered. His eyes widened as he saw her arm move. A hard left fist hit his face with a sickening smack; propelling his body backwards. He slammed into a nearby tree with a great deal of force; fragments of his black armor littered the ground around him. The group looked on in shock at their boss, surprised that someone could best him so easily. Save cracked her knuckle. She was ready to fight.

“You sure know how to make an entrance” Shift exclaimed; aiming a wire-frame pistol at one of their assailants.

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