“I take the time out of my busy day, and I see you watching videos. I know you like a good struggle; but this was a massacre .” Shift said, looking at the monitor. The shot had changed to an aerial shot of the forest. The location of the last battle was still in the shot; the tree had crushed part of the hill. He could even make out some weapons laying on the ground beside it.

“I do – Beside, all it took to win was a better attitude, brains over brawn, ya know?” Save retorted, raising a finger with a grin. “I am sure we could do it. Anyone could, as long as they don’t take it face on.”

“Yea. I still think a good shot to the eyes would do it some justice. That buys enough time to target the joints and weaken it. It might be armored, but it is still a spider. The joints are its weakness.” Save waved her hand in defeat.

“Yea, let’s hope we do not have to test this theory – if CataClysm is there, then we don’t need another threat. I am sure no one would be stupid enough to take our revised path. The quest line might had been scrapped, but the A.I is still some of the strongest in the game.” Shift grinned; he laughed lightly.

“We could always lead the A.I.s to them and let them fight it; it is an excellent distraction. Take some of their own tactics and use it against them; without hacking, of course” Shift suggested. Save grinned; he did have a point.

“And here I thought you had forgotten your old way.” Save turned to the monitor, getting slightly bored with the conversation. “Although, with our current odds you do have a point.” Shift nodded.

“Now, if I were to act like my old self, I would sell them hacked weapons – those are fun. Anyway, how bad was it out there?” Save shook her head in reply. She opened up her map and pointed to the spot she marked.

“Not that bad out there. We have some threats – about seven groups in total. So, we can always use distractions to lure groups together. Once together, we can trick them into fighting, or completely overwhelm them.” She pointed out the locations she saw the groups; he nodded in compliance.

“So sneaky of you. I am so proud!” Shift replied. He turned to look at the display. A humanoid shape stood on a branch overlooking a clearing; it looked feminine, and had vermilion-hued eyes. The figure looked up, seemingly glancing at the camera, and the duo. “She seems quite confident, especially for someone without a weapon.”

Save glanced over, noticing the seeming glance at them. “Yea. Not everyone needs to overcompensate for something Shift. Lets go – we need to prepare for battle.”

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