“Did you have fun with Allure?” Shift said as he entered the long exit tunnel. Save followed, keeping an eye out for the other players. Some were large, and hulking, carrying with them massive weapons. It was common to see them in the major battles; they usually acted as the guard units, taking up tight locations and corridors. The one she passed held a mini-gun; it gleamed brightly in the light.

“Yes. She was nice; and she said I was quite alluring. She is very poetic”, she replied. The blush returned momentarily. ‘”Looking at the crowd, we have quite a fight ahead of us. The guy behind us had a mini-gun, and the ones before us – .” He laughed in reply.

“Well, yea. Province officially supported CataClysm, they are the top mark to beat today. The guys around us are from unH1nged; it is a more laid back group. I used to work with them.” He said casually. He pointed behind them, “the big guy plays drunk – or so I heard. He is good with his gun, tho.” Save shook her head; it was quite surprising to see him in a joking, non sarcastic, mood. Shift stopped as they came to a gate. Outside of it was the forest grounds. He watched some of the players vanished as they passed. The competition had officially begun, and every player that vanished was a threat. He looked back to Save, “It is best to remain out of combat as long as possible. We can jump into battle as soon as we are at the Old Ruins entrance point.” Save nodded.

“Lets go” Save exclaimed. She entered first, stepping foot into the forest.

Shift followed; grinning at her apparent enthusiasm.

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