“Where, oh where, did Save get to.” Shift said in a sing-song voice as he looked around the upstairs plaza. It offered a magnificent view of the forest through the clear glass walls; the green, and rarely, rust colored leaves glistened in the light. He smirked contently, “So many people to have fun with. But, work comes first.” Sitting down on a nearby couch he opened the packet; a series of screens appeared, as well as, a large holographic map. He clicked on the map, Zooming in on heavily grown part of the forest; Various pathways became highlighted above and below the surface. The lower levels looked like large ruins, complete with ruined pillars, and even a small shrine in the middle.

“Interesting, I never noticed these tunnels before. Must be some new designs that were scrapped. We might be retrieving something related to a easter egg? This sounds very promising indeed” He paused. “Wait, something is off though – Why has no one else found this?” The package closed suddenly as he clicked on the map; a warning message popped up. ‘Incoming call from Save’ it read. He clicked on the message with a grin, reclining back in his seat. He heard a voice on the other end.

“Shift, I have been waiting for you. Where have you been?” Shift shrugged and looked out the window, tracking an approaching tram in the distance. He could barely make it out, but there was an audible hum in the background of the call; it was noise the trams made commonly.

“Save, I am already here. I had the time to scout out a few things, investigate the local scenery and – .” He was suddenly cut off.

“Oh – I thought you bailed out again. Gone out drinking or something? You didn’t reply and all.” He rubbed his brow and took a deep breath.

“Not today, nor any day for the past few years. None-the-less, you may have come upon quite the find. I think we can all agree upon the usual split, 50/50. That is – if this turns out to mean anything.” He glanced out the window idly as he waited for a reply.

“Fine. I am approaching right now. Give me about five minutes. I can meet you near the tram exit.” He raised a hand in victory, glad that he was right. “See you soon” she finished and closed out the call. He rose from his seat and started towards the exit or the room; stopping when he heard some voices from the exit. He scanned the players he saw, a group of them bore the logo of CataClysm; a once-feared clan in Province.

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