The wind blew gently through the narrow enclosed city center of the hub. ‘Packed as usual’ Save thought, she kicked at the metal tiling of the bridge. The pang of reverberating metal followed, alerting her to the fact she stood above a waterway. The currents led to the central garden and fountains. It was the highlight of the Hub, offering a well-grown, and colorful, escape within the packed city. A small bird landed on a nearby tree, pecking at the small green buds that were sprouting. It stopped, quickly flying to a nearby branch as a shot rang out. She locked her gaze towards a crowded shopping center, glancing inside at the many glowing monitors, and the mass of people.

“Idiots” Save muttered; a man held a gun in the air firing off rounds, no one seemed to react. Looking closer, she spotted a tag above his screen name, it read ‘In-Combat’. “Great, I forgot to turn off combat” she muttered, flicking her hand to the side to toggled a virtual switch. A last shot rang out as the man disappeared. She sighed in relief and turned back to the garden. Her eyes widened; a woman stood inches from her, with a smile on her face.

Save opened her mouth to speak, but stopped abruptly. “You must be Save, right? I have been told to expect you here. My mistress would be here, but she suddenly became busy” the A.I. proxy cheerfully said; she spoke with a gentle tone. Save rarely dealt with A.I.s, especially ones programmed to act overly nice.

“And how did she know to find me here?” Save retorted, glancing over to where the bird was. She frowned; the bird had left, leaving her alone with the useless A.I.. It bowed apologetically, holding the side of it’s dress to keep the black cloth clean. Save feigned a smile; it was going to be a long day.

The A.I. took a deep breath. “Well, In Province, all players have visible names that we A.I.s can track. My mistress just told me to head here, as you commonly spawn here, and look for a girl in a green hoodie and cargos, with purple eyes, that stands around 5’5. She also said you would be alone.” Save took a deep breath; the A.I. continued. “She wanted to confirm the job details, in person.”

Save smirked, a glimmer of animosity showing, “I see. I wish she would have came herself, especially after leaving me hanging for a week. I have a life ya know.” The A.I. nodded sympathetically.

“I will inform her of your concern. In the meanwhile, can you follow me? We can transfer the data as we walk.” The A.I. said, motioning back to the crowd gathering on the bridge. It was one of the clans that frequented the battle arenas, they often came by to gloat about their successes, and spy on rivals passing through.

Save shrugged and followed, looking towards the shopping center they were approaching; at least no one could hear them over the banter of merchants peddling their wares.

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