“Ya’ll late! I already sent people ahead of us to the battleground.” The boss said, grinning widely as he rushed them into the lounge. Shift glanced away, he feigned interest in a billboard. The content was boring, merely showing the best weapons from the local shops. There was nothing of interest; only simple designs and basic re-skins. It was the sort of thing a child could make, but for some reason, people paid high prices for the ‘innovative’ designs. He laughed, turning his attention to the corner of the room; and the group of players that gathered. “It looks like they had a membership drive – and not a bad one at that.” The entire group was well armed, and not ashamed to show their weapons. Sitting down at a nearby couch, he opened a news letter for cover.

“Today, we will take back our rightful place among the clans of this world. Our base camp at the ruins entrance is almost complete, and from there, we can use the tunnels to lay seize to the other camps.” Their leader activated a virtual map of the area, he pointed out their base camp at the ruins entrance. Shift took a quick glance; the map looked like the one Save sent him. ‘Why’ he muttered. He begrudgingly left the room, heading towards the hallway to do some research.

The leader took a deep breath; waiting for Shift to exit. “Expect a lot of resistance, especially from some of the regulars. After the last event, when we crashed this zone, we are not very welcomed.”
Some of them exchanged nervous glances with each other. “If you are not interested, feel free to leave – Everyone else, head to your designated spot. Remember, make yourselves look good; our sponsors are watching.” The group quickly left the room; only one man remained behind.

“Bravo.” The dark haired man said; his eyes flashed red. “That was quite the speech you gave, it gained quite an audience. But, let’s get to the point – your clan’s little revival was funded by my company. And, while I am assured of your skills, we expect results” the man warned; he locked eyes with the leader. The leader locked eyes in return; a hint of anger showed.

“Agreed sir. I will not fail you. I will return to my team and lead the recovery, and should anyone pose a threat, I will deal with them myself. ” He lowered his gaze away from the man.

The man tugged on his collar of his white shirt and turned to leave, “Good. We would hate to disband your little group; it shows ‘some’ promise” he jested. With a grin he disappeared; his textures and wire-frame completely vanishing. The leader hurriedly left the room, ignoring Shift as he passed by.

Shift typed away on a virtual screen, scanning over any information on CataClysm. He frowned as he found something on the official clan database. CataClysm was listed as a registered clan, and had a sponsorship deal directly with Province.

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