Timbre leaned back in his seat as he looked around the club. Lights flickered wildly around him as the music played; the multi-colored beams rapidly flickered to the rhythm. ‘”It sounds like horrible techno” he jested; looking to the moving bodies on the lower floors. It was very crowded, and the noise would be the perfect cover for a business meeting.

“Timbre, I presume”, a woman said with a gentle smile. She dusted off the seat and sat down, he glanced at her black dress. It fit well over her curvy figure, and was as flawless as her proxy; blue and red tipped blond hair flowed to her neck in curls. The woman met his gaze with hers; they were a piercing emerald, and her gaze was fixed. “You wanted to discuss something with me – right Timbre?”
She said; he noticed interest in her voice.

“I am honored with your presence Aide – It is about time you show yourself, especially after so many jobs.” Timbre glanced to the table and opened a screen. Ads piled up, each with the same title. She smiled as she looked it over; she glanced back to him. “I tracked this back to your handle – Miss-Anonymous. So, what is up with the data and the price?” She shook her head.

“You still do not trust me” Aide joked. Timbre shook his head in reply. She continued, “I am just joking. But, As you know, some of us Reap data and some of us Sow data. The concentrated variations and rebuilding of the forest’s data has made it valuable.” Timbre sighed in frustation.

“I know all of this. Being stuck here makes that knowledge mandatory for me,” he bitterly said. He opened another screen. It displayed more information on the prices of data. “We have people fight or explore, and they bring us the altered code from a zone. We then sell it to the network for profit, or to the network itself for backups or to other parties for experimentation sake.” She grinned and looked over his screen.

“Nice little profit you have there”, she said with a smirk. She pointed to his wallet at the top, it displayed 1,059,375 in bold numbers. “So, why did you ask me here? Surely, not to look at your wealth!” He took a glance at her and closed the page.

“I asked you here for two reasons – One, I would like to discuss some plans for a business expansion. You can use my skills. And two, I do not like how you sent my friends after some unstable data! That is my job!” His faint grin quickly faded.

Aide looked at him quizzically and let out a loud laugh. “Well – that is certainly surprising of you babe. You certainly peaked my curiosity!” Timbre glared at her; she smirked to him. “I guess the vegetable has spoken – So, what did you have planned?”

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