Save looked around the empty room she had entered; It was bright, with well lit corner-walls and holographic display bases. They lit up, revealing many manikins posing in a sample piece of clothing. ‘The outfit looked amazing’ she thought, taking her time to glance at them. Seamless lines and smooth surfaces were common; with all, but the most rugged, outfits looking like something out a fashion magazine. She glanced over a green dress, before stopping at some jackets and hoodies. The quality of the outfits was impressive; it made her want to rework her design. She heard some footsteps; turning around to see a dark skinned woman. Golden eyes were framed by black lashes, and short black hair extended to her neckline. She looked quite beautiful, or so Save thought.

“I have a customer it seems. Do you see anything you like?” The woman smiled, glancing over a now, slightly nervous, Save.

“Not really – my friend is just preparing for a trip into the battlefield. I am spending time here until he returns. I thought for a moment this was a schematics shop. I guess I found the wrong place” she said, stumbling through the words. The woman looked her over with a smile; she opened up a screen, idly drawing on the screen.

“I see. I do sell more than just clothes. I use other shops for that though; look for a tougher woman in camo pants and boots. That is my weapon selling skin. The name’s Allure. “ She continued “speaking of which, you are quite alluring yourself. Your proxy design is modest, but beautiful, and you act so natural in it. I like that confidence, when people are themselves. I would really like to see more people like that. ” Save blushed; she turned away quickly.

“Thanks – Allure. By the way, my name is Save” Save said; Allure smiled.

“So Save, this friend of yours, who is he” she questioned.

“He is a friend who is helping me get something in the woods. It is a big fight out there, so we need to be prepared. He was looking for info last I checked.” Allure nodded as she listened; simply focusing on the work. Every so often she would glance back up to Save. “Excuse me – might I ask what you are drawing? It is okay, if you do not answer.”

“ I am drawing you. Don’t be surprised tho, I do this with every person I find with a interesting personality or trait. They make such interesting art subjects; and I cannot help but be attracted to the beauty of it. I sometimes even design clothing made out of the sketches.” Allure smiled; she went back to her work.

“It is fine. And I would love to see what you can make”, Save said. Allure nodded, taking a longer glance. She lowered her tablet and grinned; “It looks like I have another guest. Do you mind if I take care of some business? we can resume our conversation after.”

“Sure” Save replied; she looked to the shop door as it opened.

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