The trail opened up near the top of the hill, revealing a scenic view of the lower valley and the distant ruins. Save watched the scenic location and pointed downwards, aiming her finger at a dense patch of woods near a tall broken pillar. It was her goal, an obscure cave that led into the harder level entrance. It bypassed the easier route, and was ignored partially because of it’s broken nature, and near-impossible difficulty. “Right that way” she said; she pointed down a even more decrepit pathway than the one they were on.

Shift nodded and glanced down the pathway; he could barely make out the metal panels of the path, they were broken and covered by a thick growth of roots. He glanced back, keeping an eye out for anything that might approach; after the round with the monster he was anxious. He saw nothing move, other than a random bush. ‘The spider’ he thought, rubbing his brow in frustration. “Lets go – I want to lose this thing as fast as possible” he urged.

“Aww, you do not like your pet?” Save chided, descending down a rocky incline. She looked up at the nearby ridge, the branches swayed in the wind, causing shadows to flicker down the path. A loud explosion ruptured the tranquility of the forest, and caused the local wildlife to scatter. Birds flew over their head as a dust cloud floated off the ridge. Save stopped and looked as something fell from the ledge; her jaw dropped as she saw what it was. The object landed with a fleshy thud; scraps of clothing blew in the breeze.

Save and Shift approached the object, a woman. She was barely stable, with her light armor ripped, revealing some cleavage. The damage looked like it came from more than just a rocket blast. “Could it have been that thing?” Save asked; glancing over the wounds for any clues.

“No. It does not match the pattern that the creature had. These are single slashes – most likely from someone toying with her. The locations” he commented; motioning to her chest area. “If I had to guess – someone tried to – Well, show her how much more powerful they were.” The woman glanced up at them, covering her chest as she did so.

“Hello” the girl muttered; she looked away and at the ground in shame. Her long brown hair covered the upper half of her face, but they could see a look of pain. “Don’t worry, I am fine – my team was just over-ran by CataClysm. I was the only survivor.” Shift turned back towards the ridge; it was only a matter of time before they would fight. He eyed the woman, wondering if she could be trusted.

“Lets get you some help – Shift, can you spawn another one of those devices? I need to get her something to wear.” Save asked, helping the woman with her outfit.

He glanced back at Save, catching her gaze in the process; she looked pained. “Lets hope that I can get some research in this time” he muttered.

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