“What else can I expect from Eclipse?” Shift said, lifting up a glass of water. He took a quick sip before sitting it beside his empty plate. The entire evening had gone well, his food was well-cooked, and he enjoyed a good show. Although, it could do without Peter Bright; the guy was so fake that he acted like a poorly programmed A.I.. He turned his head towards an adjacent table, glancing at the elderly gentlemen sitting at it. “Still lively – and drinking themselves to death, must have done something right” Shift jested; speaking in a low tone.

“See, this is exactly the problem, even the TV hosts forgot how to remember lines. In my day, they were able to remember what to say” Another man laughed in reply, taking a large drink of his beer. Shift smirked; it was the same old conversation again.

“Yes! Brian was a great host, and he did not need the backing of some big-shot company. He was a man; unless most of the children today. You take their computers and toys away, and they cannot do anything” an exceedingly drunk man chided in. Shift shook his head, simply raising his finger to a waitress. The waitress nodded in reply; she headed to a register for his bill.

“Hey. Not everyone is useless; atleast the drinks are still good.” A bearded man laughed and raised his glass up; he glanced over to shift with a sympathetic smile. The others at the table nodded to his comment, raising their glasses in unison.

“Your bill, sir” the waitress said. Shift looked it over silently, and turned to the adjacent table. They might be annoying at times, but, a kindness must be repaid. He pulled into his wallet, handing her a stack of bills.

The Waitress blinked as he handed it to her. “That will be enough for my meal, a good tip for yourself, and payment for their drinks. As much as I despise loud mouths, sometimes you have to repay a kind deed.” He quickly stood, grabbing his jacket from behind his chair. He waved to them as he pushed on the door; a draft of chilled air entered the room.

“Cya Shift” the bearded man said; the waitress waved goodbye. Shift closed the door behind him and took in a deep breath of fresh air. A faint fog formed from his breath.

“Better get back to the computer” he muttered. He looked to his phone, a thin-glass like device wrapped around his wrist, and checked his messages. The first message had the subject ‘Save’s job offer’. He grinned; it was definitely going to be a interesting afternoon.

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